Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Nightmare is Done!!

Well, it is done.

I have finished re-transcribing my lost band piece.

Ultimately I feel it is a better piece for it, but there were moments in the old version I just couldn't fully recapture. Not that the new notes in those spots aren't good, they are just different.

And I have decided that transcription is better left to others!!

I now truly understand the phrase "My Brain Is Fried"

on a side, but related, note - I am happy to say my little back-up hard drive is working swimmingly. One traumatic experience too late, but a safe guard for the future none-the-less.


Jim Scully - aka jimmuscomp said...


Ugh, what an awful thing to have happen.

BTW, Time Machine does kick all sorts of ass.

James Sproul said...


it was quite the ordeal. and my transcription skills were a bit rusty, but it is over now.

and yes, time machine has saved my paranoia from getting out of control.

CarGate said...

didn't mean to flake last time. Glad things are still well in your life. hope to catch up soon--still love the music:)