Friday, April 23, 2010

Record of the week!

Today I discovered an amazing piece of music. George Rochberg's Quintet for Piano and String Quartet on the Nunsuch label on LP. Just a really amazing piece of music. Soft, obscure and beautiful music moving in and out of craziness. really fantastic.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Dark Side

Yes, that is right... I have turned to the dark side... I now have a facebook page....
I will still be blogging here from time to time, when I have a more lengthy statement to make, but my daily snippets will probably be over there.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Danny Holt

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending an amazing concert from pianist/percussionist Danny Holt. He played this amazing set of new pieces written specifically for his new piano/percussion project. It was one man, a large piano, and a myriad of percussion instruments surrounding him, and yes, he played them at the same time, with such amazing virtuosity at times, and astounding quietness and serenity at others. I never knew someone could grove in a different place with each limb.

If you have a moment you must check this out, even if it is just out of pure curiosity. He has worked with David Lang, Steve Reich, Louis Andriessen, Christian Wolff and many other amazing composers. You can check out his YouTube Channel he has some amazing video of his piano skills. Nothing of this crazy piano/percussion project (as it is just getting underway), but I will post some video as soon as there is some to post.

He has an album that came out last year Fast Jump that is an amazing display of what the piano can do. Some of it seems not-human. In particular there is a new set of piano pieces by David Lang that is just amazing.

I had a chance to talk with him for a few minutes after the show and he is one of the nicest and sincerest people I have met, who really digs what he does. It truly made for a remarkable experience.

And an extra thanks to Jim Scully for bringing this great artist into our midst.