Saturday, October 17, 2009

It Has Happened....

So I have been working on a fairly large Wind Ensemble piece the last several months, and I was very happy with it, and I finished it yesterday. So I go to get ready to print and make an audio file for it to send to the director that will be playing it. Well, in some weird bizarre happening that I still don't understand, when making it into an audio file Finale merged the files or something, and now I am not able to retrieve my Wind Ensemble piece. It blows my mind what happened.

So after several hours of hairy cary and trying everything I could possibly think of, I have resigned this piece to the graveyard of oblivion and must start anew.

I have never lost a piece due to computer error in the 13 years of using Finale. It saddens me like nothing else. So, here is to learning your lessons the hard way!! Today, I go out and buy an external hard drive to back everything up. (I am sure, it will be every hour on the hour for quite some time.)

This very stressful experience got me thinking about fresh starts. I have scrapped pieces before and started anew (even in the final stages of them) and in the end, sure it is twice as much work, but it always is for the better. Maybe this is fate's way of telling me that this piece wasn't as good as I thought it was.

I was able to make the audio file of the piece, so, I will be flexing my feeble transcription skills over the next few weeks trying desperately to piece together the lost piece.

So, lessoned learned, back everything up a hundred times over!!!!

I'm sure glad I have a comfy office chair.


Jo said...

Oh Man!!! That's horrible. Well, here's to an even better piece.

James Sproul said...

Hopefully. I went out this morning and bought a little external hard drive for backing up. Which is something I had been meaning to do for a long time and just never had.... grrr..

oh well,

Leah Sproul said...

Oh No!!! An external hard drive is always on the top of my "next buy" list but always gets beaten out by something more practical like groceries.

Soon. Before Karma bites me and my thesis in the arse. Who needs to eat when a degree is on the line?!

Soon, too, I will send you another catching up email.

James Sproul said...

yes, I would do it sooner then later. I am kicking myself now. I have been meaning to do it for months and months. Ever since I got Leopard and Time Machine.

at least, I can rest assured it will never happen again.

and I am testing my transcription skills. man, that stuff melts my brain.

looking forward to the email. Hope things are well.


Stefan Kac said...

I wonder if Finale has an auto save feature? I know Sibelius does. I've recovered a number of things that way over the years. The larger scores definitely seem to be more prone to this sort of thing than do the chamber pieces, for whatever reason. Having said that, I'm not familiar with the concept of merging files (especially not if they're different formats, i.e. Finale and an audio file?). Can you explain?

James Sproul said...

well, I was saving as audio files and then all of a sudden the .mus file (the finale notation file) is the size of an audio file. went from 400 kb, to 59MB. which is bizarre. so I don't know if it merged, but it turned it into an audio file, while keeping the .mus extension.

It is literally the most bizarre thing I have ever experienced computer related.

Finale has auto-save systems and copy systems and it happened to all of it. And they have a .bak file that is a back-up but I couldn't find it anywhere. so there was some bizarre stuff going on.

anyway, I have finally put it in the past and have re-transcribed most of the piece and am starting again trying to put the old piece out of my mind.

and my new back-up hard drive is working quite well. Time Machine is freaking awesome.

take care