Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jason Seed Stringtet - In the Gallery

Jason Seed has done it again. On his new album, In the Gallery, Jason Seed has put together another stunning effort from his group Jason Seed Stringtet, consisting of guitar, violin, viola, bass, cello and for this album, a very special guest, Yang Wei playing the pipa.

This group has a very refreshing and provocative sound. Especially when the pipa joins them for one piece, it creates such a unique timbre that fits so well with the rest of the ensemble. The music is superbly crafted, as always, crossing several genre lines and giving the album as a whole, a great journey through several genres, styles, techniques and emotional centers.

From the down home comfort feel of Invocation to the fun romp that is Caterpillar Kif, Jason has proven again that he is a master of his craft, and the group itself has shown its ability to create a myriad of interesting music. This album is full of jazz, classical, gypsy-esque, and Appalachian sounds, often within the same piece. There is a flare to this album that I truly enjoy.

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