Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Hobbies

In the recent months I have been converting my parent's record and tape collection to the computer for archiving purposes. And in the process I discovered a few things. First off, my folks have the most eclectic taste in music I have ever seen, and second, I have discovered the world of vinyl, and what those purists have been talking about for all these years.

So after this discovery I made a trip to Amoeba and scoured our few local record stores, and even found a nice store over on the coast on vacation, in an attempt to create a small collection for myself of my favorite music from pre-1980. It is quite a daunting world, what labels mean what, and when is mono better than stereo etc... but it has been fun and I have found some really sweet records.

The sound on Vinyl - particularly mono vinyl (The Miles Davis/Gil Evans records in particular) are just so deep and rich. More so than any CD I have ever heard. The analog sound is just better. And I am convinced that, since that is how your brain naturally hears, it makes it literally easier to listen to. Just awesome. Anyway, if anyone has the means to investigate some good records, I highly recommend it. It blew my pre-1980 musical world wide open.

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