Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twangy Africa

I just discovered recently that Bela Fleck has a new album, Throw Down Your Heart. In 2005 he went to various regions of Africa to study and discover the origins of the Banjo, which, it turns out, is an African instrument by birth. While there he discovered some amazing musicians and played with them and recorded with them and came up with some very interesting music. Really amazing stuff.

Also, he is touring with Toumani Diabate with his Kora June 11-19 and also August 3-8. The tour doesn't come close enough to me for me to be able to see it, but man that would be something to see... and hear.

you can check out the website for the African project here


Leah Sproul said...

oo. I heard an interview with him a few weeks ago on NPR about it. I think he's making/made a documentary to go along with it.

Did I tell you I saw him with the sparrow quartet? They did some really neat east meets west stuff. I was super impressed by that lady--she's this super anglo chick who sang in perfect mandarin and played the banjo. So awesome.

James Sproul said...

oh man, that is awesome. I love that group.

Check out the David Hykes stuff too. that stuff is so nice. Just mellows me out.

take care

CarGate said...

Buddy-I remembered that the last time I spoke to you, that you had set up a site. I remember seeing it once. Checked for you on facebook. You have got to get on it! I hope you and the family are well. Miss seeing/talking with you. I am going to tell the others about your site and look around a while!