Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guitar Extraordinaire

Recently this gentleman came to an art gallery near me and I was unable to go. But I was able to acquire an album and it is amazing. The first time I listened to it I had one of those rare moments in listening where you say to yourself "what in all that is holy was that... and how long before I get to listen to it again?" 

I have since listened to it several times and if anyone happens to be passing by and reading this, I highly recommend checking Jim McAuley out. There are some nice videos of him playing on YouTube that I recommend giving a go. 

It is some of the most amazing solo guitar work that I have ever heard and I am utterly disappointed that I was not able to see him play. If the physicality of his playing comes through on the record, I can only imagine what it is like live, especially in a more intimate setting like the venue where he played. I could site cliché comments such as "genre bending" and "non-classifiable" but who needs that stuff. Just listen and be blown away.

Thanks to Kris Tiner for bringing him here and even if I didn't get to hear him personally, I am sure it was a very educational exposure for those who did. 

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