Sunday, April 6, 2008


Lis-sssshhhhhh...;  coming...:

                           unknown - 
        to me it is:  

                           as it is 

                                ,will not be as, 

                                                or - it will be

(the happening happens to happen...) 

        and     we     must     allow;

 - acceptance - 





Kris Tiner said...

cool! these look much better here than on google reader...

James Sproul said...


I have started working on poems of some length, and then pulling out unnecessary words and sentences, but leaving the words where they are on the page to see what happens, it surprisingly still makes sense, and still says the same thing usually. These are two of the more successful attempts.

I am beginning to work on its equivalent in music but it is rough goings so far but I think eventually it will work.