Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some New People Have Entered My Life

Recently I have made a few new discoveries (at least for me) of composers I was unfamiliar with and thought they were worth a listening. 

John Luther Adams is a name I have been seeing for a long time in articles, CD racks etc... but for whatever reason I just hadn't ever given his music a listen. So I finally did and I must say I enjoyed it quite a bit. 

For worthless comparisons it is on the Arvo Pärt and perhaps even Giya Kancheli side of things.

I have only listened to the disc twice but it was a peaceful listening and I look forward to getting some more of his music. 

Next on the list is Somei Satoh, a name I kept seeing creep up in several recent articles I have been reading. So I decided I should probably find out who this guy is and what his music is all about.

I must admit some of his work (at least of the 4-5 pieces I have heard thus far) is a little on the "holy crap that is a lot of major" side of things but most of it is quite lovely and worth a meditative listening.

I recently was perusing my favorite blogs and came across this particular article about Phill Niblock and was intrigued. I had not heard of this grizzly looking gentleman but the moment I saw the words "sustained tones" I had to check it out (as I am a sucker for drones from time to time). 

On any note, something to check out at least. (one track is all didjeridoos, how can you resist).

So these may not be new names to you guys, but they were to me, and if they are new to you check them out, I thought it was worth it. Enjoy!!

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